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    Kick Stops, Cow Hobbles

    Kick Stops, Cow Hobbles

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    Adjustable Heavy-Duty Cow Hobble--Blue & White

    Adjustable heavy-duty cow hobble is made of leather-reinforced nylon webbing. Positive lock and roll-style buckles make them secure and easy to adjust.

    Cow Cufflinks

    The Cow Cufflink is a hobble-type device which prevents kicking and is also used to keep animals stable after difficult calving or in slippery conditions. It is easily buckled onto the cow's ankles and is adjustable from 12" to 21" making it suitable for…

    Cow Hobble

    Cow hobble stops the cow from kicking or switching her tail. Hooks over tendons of hind legs and adjusts to any size cow. Galvanized steel. Wt. 1.5 lb.

    Heavy-Duty Split Gard Cow Hobble

    Strong lightweight cow hobble provides ideal protection against slipping and splitting out in all conditions. Hobble features a slightly longer spread allowing larger cows to walk freely. One-piece unit is made of strong soft 2" wide nylon webbing with …

    Hook-and-Loop Cow Hobble--BULK


    This Cow Hobble is made of sturdy 1-1/2" strapping with generous stitched-on strips of hook-and-loop material. When properly placed on hind legs this hobble prevents slipping and splaying of legs and is especially useful when hindquarters have been we…



    Kick-Stop has an easy pushbutton adjustment that allows it to fit any size animal. Slips into place with just a push of the button and it fits snugly over back for optimum control. Handy and easy to carry Kick-Stop weighs only 4 lbs. as compared to…

    Kick Stops, Cow Hobbles