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    Liquid Dispensers & Pumps
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    1 oz. Jug Pump Dispenser


    This poly jug pump dispenser comes without spring to ensure smooth operation in corrosive liquids. Designed with 70 mm cap and longer dip tube to fit 5-gallon jugs this pump dispenses 1 oz. per stroke.

    1 oz. Liquid Dispenser


    This standard poly jug pump dispenser is made to operate smoothly in non-corrosive liquids. Designed to fit 1-gallon jugs it dispenses 1 oz. per stroke.

    11oz 36" Dairy Chemical Pump w/2" Std.Adapt & Lock


    Drum Pump Dispenser for five-gallon pails and drum containers includes safety features for use with the caustic cleaners of the milkhouse. A special strap may be locked to prevent unauthorized use. (Key or padlock not included) and a threaded twist ha…

    12" Aluminum Drum Wrench

    Aluminum Drum Wrench will open all types of ¾" and 2" closures round or hex in steel or plastic containers including Rieke PolyVice grip plugs. This wrench is preferred by professionals for its light weight and multiple uses. 12" overall length. Wt. …

    15 Gal. Ezi-action Drum Pump w/ Safety Spout


    Ezi-action pumps are designed with safety features to avoid user contact with chemicals. A locking safety strap prevents accidental pumping and a cap protects the end of the spigot. Pumps are vented through connectors and safety cap adapter. Pump i…

    1-Piece 55 Gal. Drum Pump

    1-Piece 55 Gal. Drum Pump

    Liquid Dispensers & Pumps