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    Heiniger HANDY Single Speed Clipper

    The HANDY Clipper is quality Swiss-made and delivers 3200 double strokes per minute. The HANDY Clipper is quiet and has a 16’ cord. Clipper comes complete with a durable plastic case, Heiniger 35F-17 blade set, manual, cleaning brush, clipper oil and a screwdriver.

    Heiniger OPAL Cordless Clipper

    This extremely quiet cordless clipper is impressively powerful. OPAL Clipper runs at two speeds – 3,100 double strokes per minute in high and 2,600 double strokes in low – allowing the clipper to run smoothly through thick fur and hair. The latest...

    Heiniger PROGRESS Single Speed Clipper

    The powerful show-grade PROGRESS Clipper is a durable, cool and quiet tool. Quick blade tension adjustment, a slim grip and a lightweight design simplify handling and control. Hardened steel blades ensure long-lasting performance and a 16 ft. cord enabl…

    Heiniger SAPHIR Cordless Clipper

    The Saphir Cordless Clipper is a powerful, ergonomic, rechargeable clipper designed for all-day heavy-duty use. The Saphir clipper offers a reliable and strong 35 watt permanent magnet motor and...

    Heiniger XPERIENCE Single Speed Clipper

    This clipper features a powerful motor, making it effortless to clip cattle and horses quickly. The clipper is lightweight and the clipper body is contoured for a good fit in the operator’s hand. XPERIENCE Clippers offer a low vibration level thanks to the unique connection...

    Heiniger XPERT Single Speed Sheep Shearer

    This shearer offers a low vibration level thanks to the unique connection between the clipper head and fiberglass housing. Quiet and cool operation ensure user and animal comfort. Blades are interchangeable and the quick tension adjustment knob...

    Heiniger XPLORER Single Speed Cordless Clipper

    This cordless clipper is equipped with lithium-ion technology, allowing for a two-hour clipping time and one-hour battery charge time. The charger unit features an LED display indicating the current charge level on the battery. XPLORER clipper is very powerful, ergonomic and quiet. Single-speed...

    Heiniger Clippers