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    Beam Hook


    Beam Hook opens a full 10" to serve as a speedy movable support for a sling or winch. Modern design features curved pointed ends which easily grip overhead beam tree limb or pipe. The more pressure applied the better the grip. The beam hook is a v…

    Cow Lift


    Economical and durable the improved Nordic Cow Lift is simple to use. Lightweight and self-locking the lift tightens with a simple hand crank. Useful for everything from post-parturient paresis down cow and prolapsed uterus to surgery restraint ge…

    Crank Handle f/ Cow Lift

    Replacement Crank Handle for 10022 Cow Lift.

    Daisy Cow Lifter-Heavy Duty

    Daisy-Lifter Cow Lift is a simple and inexpensive way to lift or move cows with a front end loader or bucket. Gentle lifting with support from the backside to the brisket ensures that the cow is not harmed. Daisy-Lifter includes an open area for the udde…

    Front End Sling

    Front End Sling is recommended for use with the Hip Lifter especially in cases where the cow cannot support her front quarters. Use of the Hip Lifter alone could result in tissue damage. Front End Sling is adjustable for any size cow and a harness keeps…

    Rear Hiplift


    Used with Pow'r Pull or other lifting device to lift a cow that is down from milk fever calving injury or a fall. Rubber-padded stirrups protect hip bones and movable parts are sealed and lubricated. Adjustable from small heifers to large cows. Wt…

    Cow Lifters