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    #8 Jumbo Poly-Chain, 100' Piece


    Jumbo Polychain features large link size of 2" x 1-1/4". Long-lasting and colorful Polychain is for animal identification but has many other decorative or functional uses as well. It should not be used for animal …

    1" Wide Dog Collar with Ring

    Quality double-ply nylon dog collars are guaranteed to stay flat and keep their shape. Features extra ring opposite buckle.

    1"x4' Dog Leash

    Dog Lead features a comfortable sewn-in hand loop at one end and a heavy snap at the other. Single-ply nylon Lead is 1" wide and 4 ft. long. Available in yellow, black, red and green.

    1.5 HP Motor, 1-Phase, 1800 RPM

    1.5 HP Motor 1-Phase 1800 RPM

    1.5"x2" PVC Check Valve f/ Pre-Filter

    Replacement PVC Check Valve (drain) for Coburn molded poly Pre-Filters 1.5 X 2".

    10" Hay Prod


    This 10" long probe threads directly onto the Delmhorst Digital Hay Moisture Detector yielding a handy self-contained unit for testing hay in rows or stacks in windrows or chopped. Probe is insulated except for two contact bands at the tip so o

    10M Air Tubing f/ Ambic Power Foamer


    Ambic Equipment Limited is the world leader in the development and production of a comprehensive range of dairy hygiene udder health and livestock health management products specializing in mastitis prevention and detection.

    1-1/2" ID M34R Tubing--Ctn/100'


    Strength durability flexibility and purity are the standards for Transflow®M34R Dairy Tubing for milking machines portable transfer systems and tank trucks. Smooth non-porous bore prevents build-up of butterfat or milksoil and is unaffected by s…

    12/16-Unit Transformer

    Replacement Transformer for Strangko 12 or 16-Unit Pulsation Controllers (3192277 and 3192282).

    12-Position Terminal Board f/ACR & ACR Puls

    12-Position Terminal Board for ACR & ACR Puls

    16" Brass Wand Replacement Kit f/ Gilmour Sprayer

    16" Brass Wand Replacement Kit for Gilmour Premium Sprayer.

    18.5" "Gallon Deep" SS Sink

    Gallon Deep Stainless Steel Sinks are made of top quality stainless steel feature die-formed patch corners and are 15.5" deep for extra large capacity. 15-gallon single compartment Sink is 18.5" long and measures 22.5" from front to back. Legs and brac…

    Discontinued Items